About Tinder

General informations about Tinder

The twenty-first century has its own rules. Technology sets the path in our professional and private lives. One could say that pixels define us, but it sounds pejorative. It is much more effective to pursue digitization with the opinion that we determine pixels. And although today it is easier to list things that cannot be done through applications, one thing remains unchanged: with or without a phone in hand, people need love here and now. Living love, flesh and blood. It is more difficult for her now that she needs time, which seems to be decreasing along with technological progress.

How to fall in love at your fingertips?

  • On the way to work, after shopping, before bedtime. Undemanding, easy to use. More precisely, sliding your fingers to the left or right of the profiles with a photo, a brief information about yourself. This is basically the Tinder app, founded in 2012 by five friends: Sean Rada, Chris Gulczynski, Joe Munoz, Jonathan Badeen and Whitney Wolf. Literally “tinder” means “flash point”, which can be associated with the application icon. This flame has become a symbol of love of the 21st century. To light it, all you need is a phone with an Android or iOs operating system and download Tinder from Google Play or AppStore. The process of creating an account is extremely simple: the account can be linked via Facebook or Google, from which photos and basic data are downloaded. Currently, which is not the case with Tinder smartphone applications, you can also use the web browser on the official website. This is a nod to older people who, however, would like to open up to new acquaintances.

What is the phenomenon of this application, already available in 24 languages, since it is used by over 50 million people every day?

  • Genius is based on a combination of location technology with synchronization of other mobile applications such as Instagram or Spotify. Thanks to this, when looking for a coffee pair, going to the cinema or bed elation we have an insight into the tastes of the other person, as well as information about its location. This, in conjunction with the user’s description and photos, allows us to determine whether we decide to wave, i.e. shift to the right. This means that you accept the other user’s profile. In this way, we enable chat based contact. However, this will only happen if the other person also determines that they feel like it. Thanks to this, we avoid unpleasant situations in which, trying to gain someone’s sympathy, we are rejected. In addition, by rejecting the user, and thus moving to the left, he does not find out. A special option that increases the chance of establishing a relationship is super like – then the other person knows that the user liked it extremely. Each tinderowicz can use this function only once a day.
  • The application is characterized by high aesthetics and ease of use. We manipulate data that interests us to find the perfect person. We mark the desired gender, age (18 to 55 years) and distance from the person, which in the free version can reach up to 161 kilometers. Your own account is extremely flexible – photos imported from Facebook can be deleted and uploaded from the phone’s memory. Also, depending on your expectations, you can change the description in your profile. Only advertising are considered shortcomings, restrictions on the number of profiles liked a day, although a hundred pairings a day are an impressive number. Paid subscriptions are the answer.

Find the perfect half faster and more efficiently.

  • Love is priceless, but the path we follow in order to get it is not necessarily. The developers of the application have prepared two packages, facilitating the use of the application and equipped with exclusive offers: Tinder Plus at PLN 88 per month and Tinder Gold at PLN 134 per month. They increase the chance of finding the perfect half in a much faster time and in a much faster way comfortable. This involves accessing information not available in the free version. The Tinder Plus upgrade offers premium features, which include unlimited matching, second chance (completely unavailable in the basic version; allows you to undo your profile rejection), no ads, 5 superlikes per day, 1 boost per month (also completely unavailable in the free version; it’s increasing the popularity of the profile in a given area for 30 minutes. According to statistics, it increases the number of views up to 10 times) and a passport (it allows you to freely choose the city to look for the other half). What can Tinder Gold offer with such a wide range of possibilities? In addition to the same functions as the Tinder Plus, there is the tempting option of top choices consisting in the selection of personalized user proposals.